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Yearly Archives: 2011

Nonpareil, 31/365

We have done so much unpacking the last few days that we are virtually out of boxes. So today has been focused on getting things ready for our Housewarming New Year’s Eve Party tonight. Mike bought this nut and dessert platter the other day and these nonpareils have been staring me in the face ever […]

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Purple, 30/365

Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday. To simply say she was a wonderful, caring person is a giant understatement. I have never met anyone quite like her – always positive, supportive and kind, with a smile to match. I have seen her brush off other people’s negativity with a simple “well I guess they’re […]

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Lemon, 29/365

We are starting to get ready for our little get together on New Year’s Eve and Mike is excited because he is planning on making a few different seafood dishes. We got a giant bag of lemons to accompany it all. While the kids were playing nicely in the basement (which is actually starting to […]

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New Necklace, 28/365

Mike bought me this beautiful necklace for Christmas this year. It was specifically made for me, with hand-picked pearls and Black Onyx beads. I’d say it is probably 6 feet long or so around, which means it can be worn in different ways. It is just the right amount of awesome, with a sprinkle of […]

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Funky Light, 27/365

Our new living room has these funky sconces on the wall. They barely give off any light and they are definitely dated. My father-in-law will be in New York mid-February and I have a whole list of things I’d love for him to replace, including these sconces. Silver lining, when viewed from a different perspective […]

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