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The Mighty Macro

This year my birthday and Mother’s Day fell on the same day. I know, I know – I’m an adult so it’s not a big deal, right? Except I got cheated out of an extra day to sleep in. I’m thinking maybe I should have gotten an I.O.U or something though. I would totally cash that in right about now. Fortunately, I have a wonderful hubby so I think I’ll be a-okay.

Anyway, this year for my birthday/Mother’s Day I got the new 85mm macro lens. I had never shot with a macro before but I’ve seen plenty of macro photos and WOW! So beautiful! Needless to say I was very excited about my new toy. There was a slight learning curve, mostly with the use of the tripod which you often need when shooting macro, especially indoors. But it is so worth it! There are endless possibilities. Some of my favorite photos that I’ve ever created have been taken with this lens and I am in love!


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