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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Treat Time, 62/365

I have had gestational diabetes for the last few months and it has not been pleasant. I had it for my first two pregnancies as well, but this time felt different. Probably because my special diet began right before Halloween and lasted through the holidays. So not fair. But now that I’m no longer pregnant […]

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Gigantic, 61/365

I always looked at G as a bit on the petite side. She has never been off the percentage charts for weight or height. She has been my baby and just always seemed so …. small. Little feet, little hands, little face, little frame. I have completely forgotten the teeny tiny newborn stage. When the […]

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Big Brother, 60/365

Finally home from the hospital! The kids are excited that mommy is back, and that their little brother is finally able to join the circus party. Big brother M is excited to help take care of A and was really happy to get to hold him. G is actually a little under the weather with […]

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2nd Day, 58/365

This 2nd day in the hospital has been the most difficult. Recovery from my c-section is not exactly pleasant, especially since the pain meds have worn off. It is just hard to get up and down and around, so I have not really taken many photos just yet. However I will say that I have […]

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