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Santa Time, 17/365

So today is moving day which means things are pretty hectic. It would have been a busy day even if we weren’t in the middle of moving though. Today is also the annual firehouse Christmas party – a tradition I used to take part in every year when I was a little girl. I’m thrilled […]

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Closing Day, 14/365

What a day!! This morning we purchased our new home, this afternoon we sold our old home. In between we had lunch and met with the painter so work can begin in the morning. We have 2 full days to get some rooms painted and the floors done before we move on Saturday. It is […]

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Sick, 11/365

Rough day! After a blah, do nothing day yesterday we stepped it up big time today and decided to get some stuff done. Kids got a bath, we went to a furniture store to order dressers for the kids, we went to BJ’s and shopped a bit, picked out the new TV we are going […]

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The Kids, 10/365

I decided (well, needed) to take a nap this afternoon if there was any hope of me being remotely pleasant for the rest of the day. Unfortunately by the time I woke up the sun was setting, along with the hope of taking any photo using natural daylight. I tried taking a photo of the […]

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Silly Face, 5/365

Our house is over-run with boxes. This is great because we have really done a lot. But it seems there is still so much more to do. The kids do like the boxes though, they think it is some kind of jungle gym. I do try to keep them off of them so no one […]

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