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Stock Up, 8/365

Our closing and move got pushed back an entire week. Not the end of the world but certainly an inconvenience. Mostly because the majority of our kitchen is already packed up. We have been living on take out and it is getting old. But since our pots and pans and cooking utensils are already packed […]

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Puppy, 7/365

Allow me to introduce … Puppy!! Puppy is G’s lovey, security blanket, sleeping companion. He has been around for about a year and a half and she is obsessed with this guy. He has been washed a bunch of times and luckily has managed to stay relatively white and clean. He has barely any stuffing […]

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Snack Time, 6/365

I knew that I wanted to begin my Project 365 before we moved into our new house. I knew there were some things that I would want to capture in our old house, and utilize the natural light this house is capable of. However, it has definitely proven to be more of a challenge then […]

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Silly Face, 5/365

Our house is over-run with boxes. This is great because we have really done a lot. But it seems there is still so much more to do. The kids do like the boxes though, they think it is some kind of jungle gym. I do try to keep them off of them so no one […]

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Reflection, 4/365

As I have mentioned our current office gets some great natural light coming from the sliding glass doors. I love taking photos in this room. Often I will use our desk – it has some type of faux marble surface that is easy to clean and does not scratch very easily. An added bonus has been […]

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