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Artichokes, 32/365

Our Housewarming New Year’s Eve Party was a success! There was drinking, eating and children coming out of the woodwork running all over the house playing hide and seek in dress up clothes. A great time for sure. We made a ton of food, which we usually do. We didn’t even get to all of it, including the crab legs. So tonight we made them for dinner.

I announced I wanted pasta to go with it. You cannot deny an almost 9 month pregger what she wants so our friend John looked through our fridge and pantry and came up with a sauce idea. Butter, garlic, white wine, artichokes and lemon. Turned out super delish and was just too pretty not to snag a photo of in the process. Smelled incredible too.

Outside for a Bit

It is January 1 and 50 degrees in New York. Definitely considered warm for this time of the year. We took the opportunity to head outside and play for a little bit. Turns out it still feels pretty darn cold so we didn’t last too long. But I was excited nonetheless to actually take some photos outside for a change. But that’s okay, its almost spring, right? What? 4 more months to go? Darn.

Nonpareil, 31/365

We have done so much unpacking the last few days that we are virtually out of boxes. So today has been focused on getting things ready for our Housewarming New Year’s Eve Party tonight. Mike bought this nut and dessert platter the other day and these nonpareils have been staring me in the face ever since. I cannot wait to not be pregnant anymore and, therefore, not have gestational diabetes and eat whatever I want!

I laid down with Michael for a little bit so he could take a nap and make it till midnight. I fell asleep for a few minutes and actually had a dream about these darn little discs. I actually had to eat one or two in order to make this photo how I envisioned it. You know, for the sake of art and all.

Purple, 30/365

Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday. To simply say she was a wonderful, caring person is a giant understatement. I have never met anyone quite like her – always positive, supportive and kind, with a smile to match. I have seen her brush off other people’s negativity with a simple “well I guess they’re having a bad day” – it was something that has always amazed me, and such a change of pace from what most of us are used to. She was such an incredible person and one of the few people who has influenced my life in a solely positive way.

There are a few things that remind me of her. One is roses. I am not even sure what the exact reasoning is behind that, but they always remind me of her. In fact, Giada’s middle name is Rose for this very reason. Something else is the color purple. Her favorite color, yes. She looked great in purple, wore it to weddings, and was even buried in purple. Today’s photo is not exactly the most intriguing or creative, but I could not let the day pass without capturing something that is deeply rooted to me about this woman.