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Closing Day, 14/365

What a day!! This morning we purchased our new home, this afternoon we sold our old home. In between we had lunch and met with the painter so work can begin in the morning. We have 2 full days to get some rooms painted and the floors done before we move on Saturday. It is very tiring, but we’re thrilled everything is moving forward.

Here are the kids eating lunch at the new home (yes, Wendy’s – yuck!) – they were excited they were able to eat on the carpet without worrying about getting anything dirty.

Sick, 11/365

Rough day! After a blah, do nothing day yesterday we stepped it up big time today and decided to get some stuff done. Kids got a bath, we went to a furniture store to order dressers for the kids, we went to BJ’s and shopped a bit, picked out the new TV we are going to buy for our basement, hit up a bookstore and went to Dave & Buster’s for lunch. The kids love Dave & Buster’s. They happily eat their food and then play games, collecting as many tickets as they can. After lunch though G started saying that her ears hurt. She has a bit of a cold and has been coughing a bunch so it is basically a given that it is an ear infection. My mom took M to play with his cousins and I took G to the after hours clinic where her ear infection was confirmed. We picked up her antibiotics and she has had a dose so hopefully she’ll start to feel better soon. In the meantime though she is miserable.

She headed downstairs with daddy and it looks like both of them are feeling a bit rough.



The Kids, 10/365

I decided (well, needed) to take a nap this afternoon if there was any hope of me being remotely pleasant for the rest of the day. Unfortunately by the time I woke up the sun was setting, along with the hope of taking any photo using natural daylight. I tried taking a photo of the one candle I haven’t packed, but it just was not working out. My kids saw the camera and decided they wanted to take a picture. Go figure. It’s 530 at night, its pitch black and the lighting in the house is terrible. They wanted to sit on their chairs in the kitchen and play with a toy so I could take a photo. When the kids actually want to sit for a photo I cannot resist, it would be foolish of me.

I had to turn the ISO up so there is a lot of noise. I used my speed-light to get some more light but it is still mixed with the artificial light bulbs directly above them. Technically speaking the photo is a total nightmare. But the way that they play together and interact, to me, is priceless.